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by Autozynik

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1000 kleine Wichtl Sie reisen des nachts in unbekannte Fernen Sie haben kein Ziel doch folgen den Sternen 1000 kleine Wichtl werden immer übersehen Sitzen uns im Genick und haben`s bequem Sie sind überall und zögern kein Augenblick Neben hinter unter über dir und schrecken vor nichts zurück Und wenn der Mond scheint und die Nacht so starr Stehlen sie dein Traum und Horror wird wahr Wenn der Mond scheint Überfällt uns das Grauen 1000 kleine Hausstaubmilben In den Achselhöhlen und zwischen den Beinen Durch Nas` und Ohr mitten ins Gehirn Wenn der Mond scheint...
Muttern 03:22
Muttern Nimm mir Haus und Hof nimm mir Weib und Kind, nimm mir alle Dinge die lieb mir sind. Nimm doch Anker und Tau Nimm Fisch und Kuttern, nur laß mir bitte Muttern. Gevatter Tod, laß deine Hand von ihr, Gevatter Tod, nimm den Schnaps von mir. Nimm eine Stärkung, nimm noch eine mehr, Nimm dir diese Flasche, sie wird niemals leer. Nimm mir Speis und Trank nimm mir Bier und Wein, nur laß mir bitte, Mutter mein. Gevatter Tod, laß deine Hand von ihr, Gevatter Tod, nimm den Schnaps von mir.
Ride & Fuck 03:40
Ride and Fuck Shatterhand and Winnetou love themselves, and horses, too. Sunshine in their hearts, they love their horses filthy farts. The red one complains ´bout his balls, the white one does agree, so they keep horses riding, ´cause riding makes them free. Winnetou and Shatterhand crossed the country, raped the land, sun shines on butts of leather, they love their horses in every weather. The red one complains ´bout his balls, the white one does agree, so they keep horses riding, ´cause riding makes them free. Mataron los caballos y los destriparon entonces con sus colas los empalaron Mataron los caballos y los destriparon entonces con sus colas los empalaron Cabalgan y cabalgan Chapotear en la sangre roja surtienda impulsados por gana y cola empujanda Sus cuerpos hozan, herviendos y sudandos en los intestinos que se agitan momendos.
Dramatist 07:39
Dramatist The heart of weakness shrank to selfpity and died The signs came too slow to remark their grave and emptiness settled down an uncomfortable place itself dramatized by the end of the scenes faces passed by at other horizons far away one of them was just mine I have to go My memories got parted, the good ones were lost words don't find their place, my thoughts can destroy my eyes see just victims, they justify themselves they all wear my face like sorrow just for me I faked my world but forgot to live a storm came to tell me that I have failed It was too late Should I humble myself should I take man's fate on me My body's got weak but my mind is strong and armed misery took over and beauty won't stand the winter I've to darken my room and send my flesh to space I've already done that a several times but they won't stop recreating me I'd never leave me alone
100 Bottles of Wine There's no more coffee left and I have to go The cat has no food and I have to go but nature bores, it is so grey one hundred bottles of wine and I stay The nerves under tension I cannot move My eyes just stare I cannot move The hands automatic, the throat is dry one hundred bottles of wine, or I die one hundred times drunk and the sun does shine one hundred bottles of wine one hundred times drunk and the world is mine is mine is mine is mine alarm bells ring melodies six feet under me a hundred and one more six feet under me for the gods above and the shining sun I've got one hundred bottles and you none
Frigo 04:12
Frigo When I tried to remember and it didn't succeed my fridge is smiling, he has what I need he helps me to forget what I've never known he gets us some beer to make us stoned I love my frigo til the end of my time we share every drink, whiskey or vodka lime Even when I take a pussy home to me he never gets jealous as a wife would be I let her bleed til she's just a waste real Bloody Mary, we love that taste My frigo loves his man til the end of his time we share every drink, vodka or whiskey lime Oh, my god, don't tell me no lies I can see my frigo twice there's a very sweet frigo child I never remarked that our love's so wild should we name it little or better friggle oh, let's empty some bottles and drink the whole night
Paarung Wertes Fräulein, bist so knapp bekleidet daß darunter nicht die Gesundheit leidet. Madame, Madame, doch nicht so hurtig ich habe keine Erfahrung mit der Paarung Hechel Luzifer, öffne dein Tor für mich, ich Sündenmann war auf dem Straßenstrich So muß ich büßen, ich bös und garst zeig mir wo du schon warst. Montag bis Steinzeit Bitch
First I built you up... How could I destroy the toys of kids which don't fit in my world how could I kill the sweetmeat which tried runnin' me away Are you a crewmember of the spaceship which was falling down the sky contaminating the atmosphere Do you mind me walking my circles in your livingroom since we've known us do you mind me throwing knives after pictures of your relative's faces how could you mope all the day when outside the flowers grow and the sun does shine It's just a useless day Am I not making an impressive show is it not strange enough is it not dull enough is that the reason why you're gone Who'd ever try to love you the way I do Who'd ever feed your thirst the way I do who'd ever stop your world turning around If not I Who has never tried to break your ice to count your deaths to leave you alone First I built you up and then you melt me down Do you fear the racist party I supported yesterday Do you like to be misused as the puppets in your past would you love to kill me now as usual as you do would you be so kind it's just a useless day
Silence 05:21
Silence 1997 Once upon a time in a cold and rainy night there was a lonesome man whose conscience cried He had killed a mother’s son the most cruel he could done with his own two hands a man had died Silence He wrote the dead a poem he wrote it with his blood a lament to his fate and a prayer for god Silence Why did you do that, sacrifice man’s blood for god ? The tale found its end in the winter’s frozen sighs the sky was falling and closing his eyes
Mr. Sunset 02:43
Mr. Sunset When there was a killing man just on his run I saddle my horse I load my gun He won't get far he'll have to resign cos when the sun sets he'll be mine Once there was a murderer in Jacksontown the people gorged bullets while the sun burned down he had to die before the sky turned black it required just one blow to break his neck and that's why they call me Mr. Sunset I break their bones I cook their meat I cut their heads I was born to kill There was no enemy who's able to flee I have no girl who's waiting for me it seems to be my fate to hunt the bad I've never known anything I could do instead Sometimes I wondered if I do the right be the revenge of someone who already died should a man interfere in the course of time but I think I'm god and I set the signs and that's why they call me Mr. Sunset I break their bones I cook their meat I cut their heads I make gods affairs to my own I love to judge I love to kill that's why I'm known I was born to kill
Tango 01:45
Zerfall 06:15
Zerfall Geschehen entsorgt und vergessen im Mantel von Fleisch und Blut Noch ein Wort verloren noch eine Tat gelöscht und gestorben, zerstört Dann sagen sie jetzt wärs geschehen doch das zu glauben, ich müßts erst sehen und klammheimlich schleichen sie sich davon Der Weg wurde begangen und die Zeit verbraucht nichts kommt zurück, zurück Zerreißt Gedanken, zerfetzt und sterbt (befreit) zerstört ein Glauben, der ewig währt in uns drin, außen herum, überall vergeßt und vergebt dem Zerfall Ein Wesen nicht sichtbar doch existent ist allgegenwärtig, ist überall und zerstört Zerreißt...
Mr. Humor 05:46
Mr. Humour A butcher went to town his steps stuck deep into the snow he lost his breath at home and was going to sell himself but the price was too low The moon was icely white as the police inspected the scene a young girl has just died she wanted to fly like the angels in her dream I just met Mr. Humour the night who told me news of Jesus Christ this man he died by a heart attack returned, but people didn't wish him back A bunch of chattering wifes were just killed by a fire the cake in the stove failed while it's still uncertain if god is real or a liar Another of these days some men they bought a whore then buried their mothers alive cos they weren't any children who need their breasts anymore I just met Mr. Humour the night who told me news of Jesus Christ but these words have never reached my ears and his stories have turned into tears
Bila je 03:57
Bila je lijepa Bila je lijepa lijepa poput obecanja, pamtim svaki dan zabavljanja, rijeci cini mi se svake sjetim se al' nema je kraj mene Kazu, prosla je kroz mnogo toga nasla, utociste je kod Boga trazim nocas pred tim vratima sam ja i molim da mi je da Ref. 2x Sada kad bi mogo biti s tobom kao nekada da mi te vrati samo jedan dan Da svu ljubav sto sam drugim samo tebi dam i da tebi samo tebi pripadam
Granny's guts Help granny's guts over the street 'cos she could't move anymore She just would like to sell her bones but they are too old I was right there to see the offers in the shop windows she was so cheap she was lying in the butcher's I've never wanted to do her any harm but I was so hungry I've never wanted to hurt her old meat but I was busy eating


"Wenn Anarchie eine Melodie hat, dann ist es diese". Alex Streit/ OX
("If Anarchy has a Melody, this is it")


released November 10, 2000


all rights reserved



AUTOZYNIK Munich, Germany

Autozynik gibt es seit 1995. Wenn Anarchie eine Melodie hat, dann ist es diese. Sagt Alex von Streit / OX Magazin. Wir sagen Dankeschön.

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